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Charged twice per month


Charged twice per month

I have spotify in my I phone and am wondering how to get a hold of any customer service line because spotify has been charging my debit card 2 times a month and it should only be 1 time a moth!!!


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If you're seeing two charges from Spotify on your account it could be for a number of reasons.


First, check with your family or friends to make sure someone you know didn’t subscribe with your details. 


There are a few reasons why you might see two charges in one month: 

  • Are the charges on two different days? Then you're probably paying for more than one account. We’d recommend checking our support site to learn how to find and cancel any other accounts.

  • The payment was unsuccessful, but appeared on your statement anyway. If we’re unable to process the payment, the funds will reappear on your statement soon. This is all part of your bank/credit card’s authorization process. You can reach out to them for more information. You may see multiple charges like this if you tried the payment multiple times.

  • If you’ve recently upgraded from Premium to Premium for Family your renewal date may come earlier than usual, possibly in the same month as your previous payment. This is because of the price difference between the two subscriptions. You can check your Premium renewal date on your Subscription Page.


  • If you think your details have been used without authorization, please read this FAQ.


We hope this helps!

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You can get in touch with us directly by scrolling up, clicking on "About Us", and then contact form.
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Customer service has been really difficult in addressing this problem. 


I have been charged 2x since December.  They only agreed to credit one extra March payment and said that that is all they can do. This was the explanation. 


"Allow me to explain you that Spotify works on a revenue share model to a large extent.
The artists, composers and other rights holders of Spotify content are paid a share of Spotify revenues - the great majority, in fact.  The reason that the subscription payment cannot normally be refunded after you have logged in and used the service (or after 14 days has passed) is that after this point the accounting system has registered this as incoming revenue. "


Hello, Spotify.  You should not screw your customers.  The explanation above doesn't address the problem, which is Spotify screwed some customers, some that still probably don't recognize it, and will not be held accountable for it.


Never had a worse customer service experience.  Email customer service and wait 3-5 days for a not helpful response.  Then redo about 10 times (and 30 days) to get the ridiculous final response above.  That is the spotify definition of customer service.


For the amount of hype around this product, one would think there would be more attention taken on these matters.

It would be really nice to TALK to someone either via virtual assistant or a phone number. I cannot get Spotify to play and I cannot figure out why.


I sent the contact form in about it already so I dont need that info. I need it fixed so I can listen to music.



Simply call your credit card company and inform them of the double charge. Not only will they refund your money they will assess Spotify a penatly for not addressing your valid concerns.


I am going to do this if I can not get my technical issues resolved. Because spotify claims that they can "sync" the music for use "offline" yet I was stuck on an airplane with all my music  "sync" yet it keep on asking for a Facebook login and can not play my music! I pay for music, not login prompts!!!


Also check your credit card statement or call the card issuer and see if there is a phone number! 



They don't respond to the contact form. I've sent two so good luck!

Hi bosslady11 - I´ve just had a look and we sent you a reply on the 22nd of July. I´m sorry if something stopped it from going through. Can you have a quick look in your spam folder if you haven´t already checked? It might have snuck past. 

I have no emails from anyone at Spotify. I even looked in my husband's email since for some reason Spotify thinks my account belongs to him. Nothing there either.

Bosslady11 - I can assure you, we've sent a couple of emails over now. Either way, if you now log in with the username 'bosslady11', your husbands Facebook will no longer be connected to your Spotify.


If this happens again, you can disconnect a Facebook account from the 'Preferences' menu inside your Spotify.


Check out how we're doing over @SpotifyStatus

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hello    my             name                        is pia harge i need help to put some music on my mp3 played plasse send e a message back asap

I emailed the customer service forum thing I was suppose to and have yet to hear anything from them. I got the 30 day free trial and didn't have $10 in my back about so I cancelled my membership and now I have -44 dollars in my bank account. I need that Manet back ASAP!


I wan't to update my email address and restore my Unlimited service, but I can't because I've forgotten my password.  If I request a password reminder it gets sent to my old invalid email.  I've asked for help thorugh the contact form, but the response was probably sent to my old email again.  There is nothing in my junk email folder.


I do not want to open a new account and lose my playlists.


(This is a good illustration of why every company needs direct, human customer service--something Spotify lacks.)

You can't use the standard contact form without logging in. If you are having trouble with that, you get directed to the relevant help page, which then direct you to another contact form if you still need help. In that form you can enter your desired email address.

I sent this  message 3 times now, starting on August 5. In short: I ASKED SPOTIFY TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT on August 5, 2012, VIASPOTIFY.COM/US/ACCOUNT/SUBSCRIPTION/CANCEL. This was due to an unknown data source blow up on my account. Your SITE DID NOT VERIFY CANCELLATION. I SENT YOU AN EMAIL IMMEDIATELY. I waited a couple days BUT THE CHARGE STILL WENT TO MY ACCOUNT. I emailed you again, requesting the refund since I can document that I tried to cancel on the 5th. I recieved "we will respond" emails. Then "DAVE" ref:_00DD0pxIW._500D0JeffE:ref responded and said that the data was not spotify's fault (NOT MY QUESTION!!!!) and refused to refund the falsely charged bill, and did not tell me that they will cancel my premium offer. 
DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, SIMPLY REPLY WITH A CUT AND PASTED EMAIL. I USED TO LOVE SPOTIFY. This is rediculous; it would be quite simple to cancel the premium membership and refund the $9.99 USD.
Thank you.

Dyevushka290 - I'm just getting back to your email now. Keep an eye on your emails.

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Someone at Spotify PLEASE ADDRESS...


I signed up for your free trial a few months ago. I cancelled the subscription ahead of time and my account clearly shows 'free spotify' access.


I have since been charged twice even after contacting your company through the 'contact form' which quite frankly, has been useless.


I am now going to cancel with my card company and try to retrieve the money. Having friends who run other music information sites who reccommended you, I am extremely dissappointed.


You have my mail details so please contact me.


It is a shame as I have enjoyed the service. 

Nicola - It seems that you have two accounts, and the account you are logging into seemingly is on the Free version of Spotify. However, I couldn't seem to locate a cancellation on the other account.

I couldn't seem to locate a case from you on our system. Could you provide me with a case number, so I can ensure this is going to the correct department?
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i have the same problem! found a solution?

does Spotify have a contect PHONE NUMBER that people can use because that would be much easier and probaly quicker than waiting for a response via email. 


....while im here, my brother has a spotify Premium account and i want spotify too, can we both have spotify??

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