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Charged twice when downloading tracks.

Charged twice when downloading tracks.

I'm a new user to Spotify.


A few days ago a purchased 26 downloads for a playlist that I had created. The music downloaded well.

I checked my online banking a couple of days later and it showed that I had been charged twice, £19.13 on both occassions.

I checked my Spotify account and it showed that I have 26 unused downloads. This wouldn't be a problem other than the obvious expiry date. I know that I won't use the downloads by that date.


So in the whole what I'm looking for is a refund on this unwanted purchase.


I've done as suggested and contacted Spotify via the relevant form. In response to this email it said that I should check the community forum. I've done this and found a similar post. The advise given to that user was to use the form, hum!!!!!!


To date I've been really pleased with how user friendly Spotify is, but this is starting test my patients.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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