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I've been charged twice for well over a year and a half on the same day each month and my bank cannot cancel the payment as you have to sort it and I want my over payments back my email is my Spotify account only says one payment is coming out but your taking £9.99 twice on the same day each month and have done right through 2015 abd 2016 and possibly even before that. I need this sorting urgently

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Seems like you're paying two accounts.


The first step is to find email receipts for your subscription purchases. In it, it shows your Spotify username(s):


Username/ID:        xxxxxxx

Logout, and be sure to use it to login to your account.
With it, login to the website to check the status of your subscription here:
and also check your receipts here:
If you can't find receipts for the second account, contact customer support through this link:


They'll help you out. They take, at the most, 24 hrs to get back to you.

Don't forget to check your spam folder for responses as they may end up there.


If you get an automated email directing you to the community or help pages, you need to reply directly to that email (even if its from no-reply) and one of the customer services agents will get back to you.

In the meantime, you can delete your payment info from your account doing the following:

1. Go to your Subscription and payment overview -->

2. Click UPDATE DETAILS. If it shows below 'Would you like to cancel your subscription?' click there and cancel.

3. Check the box to 'Remove', and click 'Change' button,

Note: If you have your Premium active you won't be able to remove your payment info. That's why it's important to cancel before clicking UPDATE DETAILS.
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