Charged when I am on Free

Charged when I am on Free

I originally accidentally tried to sign up for the student rate. I however never completed the form all the way through the school, because I am no longer a student, but still put in my credit card information. I decided I would stay on the Free account for a while. I however saw today that my credit card was charged for the student rate. I don't believe I should be charged at all. When looking under my receipts and subscriptions it is not listed so I am confused as to why I was charged. Please help. Thank you.

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Hey @adigan_93, welcome to the Spotify Community!


Oh no! Unexpected charges aren't cool 😞

Luckily, it sounds to me like these charges are only "pending" test charges from Spotify, which means they should be canceled soon. Also, as long as you have no receipts or subscriptions on this site, you shouldn't ever be charged again in the future unless you try to sign up again. To see more information about pending charges, check out this link:

Please let me know if I can help you with anything else! Happy listening 🙂

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