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Cheaper Premium service WITH a few adverts?

Cheaper Premium service WITH a few adverts?

I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes the premium service expecially here in the UK at £10 ($15.28 USD) per month is extremely expensive!


Sure we don't get adverts, but I never mind them anyway unless theres too many. If revenue is such an issue then why not create a cheaper account for half the price that lets you do everything the ad-free premium account can do, but ensures you see an advert every 30 minutes or so?



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Hey @EddyJ

Thanks for posting on the Spotify Community 🙂

This sounds like a great idea! Suggest it in our Community Ideas Forum at and get support from other users.

Our developers often look through these ideas for future updates and the ones with more Kudos and support from others may catch the devs eyes. The more Kudos an idea gets, the better 😉

It's totally too expensive. I was a premium customer in Hong Kong because it only cost 59HKD (around 6 GBP) and salaries are much higher there so I was earning 40% more. Now I'm just basic! I'm not gonna pay more than I was paying before when my spending power is considerably lower now. Gosh, my Netflix account is only 5.99GBP a month so if Netflix can manage it for 5.99 why can't Spotify?!

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