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Collaborative playlist issue with adding songs

Collaborative playlist issue with adding songs







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( IOS, Windows 10)


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Hello guys, 

I and two friends want to create a playlist together so that we can all share the music we love.

I created a public playlist, so far so good, I started adding songs and one of my friends also has no issues whatsoever adding/removing songs. But our third friend is not able to add any songs. She liked the playlist and everything but she doesn't have the access to edit. We tried the opposite she created a public playlist and I also cannot edit anything she created that's coming from her account. I thought it was a problem coming from the settings but we checked and compared mine and they are identical. She doesn't have her "Private Session" on.

We tried on the desktop app and also through her iPhone. I think the problem is coming from her account somehow.

Does anybody have an idea what is causing this?


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Hi @mikolife!


You can try sending her a new invite link by tapping Invite Collaborators. When she opens the link within 24hrs of receiving it, she'll join the playlist as a collaborator, meaning she'll be able to add and remove songs.


Let us know how it goes. Cheers!

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