Commercials getting out of hand.

Commercials getting out of hand.


I just say through 4 commercials in a row. Then spotify played one song then I got 2 more commercials, then a song, then two more commercials. I know that I am not paying for spotify but really?? I would like to hear more music than commercials sometimes. Anyone else notice an abundance of commercials or am I taking all of them for everyone else?

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What I don't get is why they FORCE us to listen to these pointles (to us) ads. Pandora lets us mute commercials. You mute the commercials here and they also mute! WTF?


I admit that's alittle too much but @LoveOnTheInside there have to put ads on so there can pay for the music you listen too, if the ads was not put on Spotify would not be able to afford the music.


Also what do you mean by this "You mute the commercials here and they also mute! WTF?" to me this does not make sense?


Sometimes this happens I think it just depends on the songs you are listing too.


This is why I pay for Spotify, it's alot better then the free version.

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