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Complicated account issue.

Complicated account issue.

Okay so here is my issue:

I have a Spotify premium account, and the e-mail address attached to the account is no longer in use (it was deleted, and I did not know it was going to get deleted as early as it did).

I do not know my password for my account (because I always login via Facebook), which is required to change my e-mail address.

I cannot have my password sent to me because the e-mail address attached to my account is not in use anymore.


I tried to contact Spotify and gave them an alternate e-mail address to contact me at, but have yet to hear a response.


How do I remedy this, without having to delete my account, create a new one, and lose my playlists?

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If you log in with Facebook, you should contact Facebook for password reset issues. Spotify employees can't do anything.

i am wondering wy a whole bunch of my stared songs wont play

it's not the facebook password that's the issue, it's the password on the spotify account itself.

they use 2 different email addresses and passwords.

OK, so you created the account before the Facebook requirement. Can't you just log in with Facebook and change the email on your profile page then?


This page:

It appears there are a few issues relating to loggin with Facebook. I don't understand why if that is the case you can't just log in using your username and a new password with Spotify. I mean why make this so complicated. I just joined up for the unlimited and feel like cancelling. That's not good for business is it? On top of that there is no live number. Seems to me that Spotify even though highly rated is headed for problems. I hope I'm wrong!!!

You said "even though highly rated". Keep in mind most tech site editors have signed up for Spotify before they started requiring a Facebook account (the deadline was September 22nd 2011) so they have a Spotify username and can't see the issues.

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