Computer and SO's phone are synced for spotify.


Computer and SO's phone are synced for spotify.


When my SO listens to music on his phone, it shows up on our family computer as he's listening to it. I was wondering if this means I can still listen to music on our computer or if it will change his music? Or if I see he's listening to a song and I scoot it to the beginning, it won't impact his listening will it? He listens to music at work all day, so I don't want to bother him. 

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Re: Computer and SO's phone are synced for spotify.

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So it seems that both PC and phone are logged in the same account.

Spotify does not allow more than one device to play music at a time! Therefore, if you try playing a song, lowering the volume of Spotify, or anything else, it will impact on the other user because he has the current playback device!

If you want to listen to music without having to worry about him, you have to create a new Spotify account and log in to it on your PC :)


If you already have a Spotify account, then just log out of the current one on your pc and log in to it!


To brief everything said, yes, if you do any movement on Spotify while he is listening, it will affect him :)