Concerning accounts created through Facebook


Concerning accounts created through Facebook


It annoys me immensely that it is currently impossible to disconnect my account from Facebook  - because of the fact that I initially signed up for Spotify with my Facebook account. Now every single time if I want to use Spotify (be it the actual app or the web player) on a new device, let's say, like public computer at my university, I would have to bother opening the Facebook page and logging in before I can then log into Spotify with my Facebook account - which sounds absolutely STUPID to me. I would never understand why it is not made available for users like me to have an independent set of username and password asides from the Facebook account. Seriously, just WHY? The fact that I can never ever listen to music on Spotify without logging into my Facebook account is just extremely frustrating. It is just so unnecessary. If I'm being all grumpy and rambling, I'm well aware of that, and although I'm sorry, I cannot help - especially upon the realization that there is actually, literally, NO way to just simply write something like a little complaint or suggestion to Spotify through a supposedly-existing-but-in-fact-missing contact page on its website. So instead I'm "welcomed" to set up a new username (how ironic) and to go to this community to get further help. It makes me wonder what kind of help I'm actually going to get. No, because obviously unless Spotify would actually listen (again, how ironic) to their users' genuine opinions, and actually make some changes concerning this problem of their users' inability to make their accounts independent from Facebook - the annoyance shall remain. 

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This annoys me greatly. I wish to disconnect my facebook account, because of complications I can no longer use my old account and I wish to update the information on my new account. Alternatively migrate my whole spotify account. I don't know why spotify would inconvenience their users on purpose really.