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Connecting Spotify and Facebook doesn't work!

Connecting Spotify and Facebook doesn't work!






HP laptop

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Windows 10


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 Even when I follow the instructions I still can't connect my account to Facebook. I've tried "Find friends" -> "Connect to Facebook", doesn't do anything. It doesn't open anything and it won't let me write my Facebook details. I've also tried going from settings to "Social" -> "Facebook" -> "Connect to Facebook" but because it's the same button it still doesn't work. I also tried to disabling my virus protection program but nothing changed. Please help me!

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A mi me pasa exactamente lo mismo, no soy capaz de conectar mi facebook con mi cuenta de spotify porque no me da la opción de introducir los datos. Al entrar en configuración>social>conectar con facebook, y clickar sobre el botón azul, este no abre ninguna ventana que me permita introducir los datos. ¿cómo puedo arreglarlo?

I don't know what language you're speaking but I understand only English, Finnish and Russian.

The same thing happens to me, I am not able to connect my facebook with my spotify account because it does not give me the option to enter the data. When entering social> settings> connect with facebook, and click on the blue button, this does not open any window that allows me to enter the data. How can i fix it?


(sorry, I do not express myself well in English)


EDIT: I checked my facebook account, and my surprise was great when I saw that in settings> applications it appears spotify in deleted, and I think that is the reason why facebook does not allow spotify to communicate with facebook. I'm trying to fix it, but I still have not done it.

Don't worry your english is good and thank you for translating. 🙂

I just solved my problem, I do not know if it will work for you. If you go into Facebook> settings> locks, you can search for blocked Spotify apps, if it does not appear in a list. It did not appear to me, and when I entered it in the search engine, I noticed that it appears as blocked. That's where it puts you, with blue print, unlock. Now I can connect my Spotify with Facebook without problem. Hope this can help you.

Unfortunately it didn't work for me but I'm glad you solved it. I also noticed the Facebook settings had Applications (different language on facebook so I don't know the exact name) and for some reason Spotify is active there but it didn't activate in the app...

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