Continual "New login to Spotify" emails

Continual "New login to Spotify" emails





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For the past week or so I have received numerous notification emails of "New login to Spotify" when I am not using or activating Spotify at all. When I first received these, I changed both my Facebook password and my Spotify password and logged out of all accounts. I still am receiving these emails!

I have not noticed any unusual activity on my Spotify (e.g. songs appearing in my history that I haven't listened to) and the new passwords are unique and not used on any other sites. The emails all list the United States as the location.


What is going on? Is it possible one of my devices is, unknown to me, continually logging in in the background or something? Are these spurious emails? Should I be concerned about my account and Spotify's security?



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Hey there @noranne


Thanks for reaching out to the Community about this. 

In case you still experience the same after changing your password and logging out of all devices, we suggest you head to this help page. Here you'll find useful tips on how to secure your account in case of unauthorized access. 


Additional info on how to protect your Spotify account can be found here.


Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes. 


Yes, I've been to that help page and I've already done all of those steps. It did not stop me from getting the emails! And there is no indication that anyone else actually *has* taken over my account, aside from the emails.

I keep getting the same emails every day too, even after changing passwords. It might be a Spotify glitch

I am having the same issue and none of these steps have worked. I've changed my password and logged out of everywhere, but I'm still getting these emails. I'm not seeing any suspicious activity, so I'm not really worried - just annoyed by the constant emails.
Could this be because my Spotify is linked to other apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Prism? Are they sometimes logging in to my account in the background?


Just chiming in.  I'm getting same thing.  However, one day it was from another state, and one day it was in turkey.  I've changed my pw and reset and disconnected everything.  

Same as me. They are riddled with backdoors, hackers are gaining access. Just search online for "spotify hack". I suggest you move elsewhere as I am doing.

Yes, I also received them from the states, UK and other countries. And only started In the last week. There is a section to remove "connected" apps, but Spotify is so heavlity integrated into apps it's hard to know which ones are being accessed.

Is there a way to know?

I'm also disconnecting Facebook from Spotify and using email login.

Can someone please assist?
MrDavo |

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Hey folks,


Thanks for getting in touch with us.


In this case, we'd suggest yo head here and contact your support team. The folks there can check your account and investigate this further.


If you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll be happy to help.



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Obviously this is a problem on Spotify's end. I am getting these emails all the time as well. I'm not going to go through the process of changing my password when others here have done so and it hasn't helped. Am I going to have to start marking your emails as spam in order to stop them from coming through?

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