Couldn't create my own username

Couldn't create my own username



I just created this account today, and I noticed that my automatically generated username is super obscure and literally no one will be able to find my profile even if I give them my display name.

Why didn't I get the choice to make my own username? And can I possibly change it so that I can log in / be found more easily?

I know that Spotify doesn't currently change usernames, but I'd like to have my own username that I can create.

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Hey, @karliethyda - Welcome to the Spotify Community.


These automatically generated usernames are a way for our system to manage and keep in track of the user data on Spotify, so you won't need to worry.


You can use your email address or FB details instead of username when you log-in;

Also you can connect your Spotify account with Facebook so you'll appear with the Facebook username to others.


If you have any other questions, please reply 🙂


It's so stupid. If I don't have FB account? How do others will be able to find me?

Exactly! I cant even find my own account, and therefore my own playlists if I am viewing from a different account!


I use Spotify for business, in a bar. Why do I need to have a FB account in the iPad, if all bartenders use it? My business FB account is attached to my personal account. Dear Spotify, do you suggest me to make access to my FB public? I want to create bar's playlists so people can find and use them. Customers often ask me about our Spotify username.
(I have ASCAP music license for business)


Hey, @karliethyda and @KSV -


Instead of the random username, your real username(@karliethyda and @KSV) should be visible to others and able to be found by just searching your username; 


Also newly created accounts take a while to show on the search, but you'll be able to search for your profile by just using your username soon or later.


In the meantime, you can share your profile to others by the following steps here:


Tell me how it goes 🙂


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