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Country settings in my profile

Country settings in my profile



I have a weird situation.




I had an unlimited subscription until today. I didn't renew it because I'm going in four days on holidays and I won't use it for one or two months. But still, for this days I expected to use the free subscription.




I've been last six months temporary in Norway, and my account is Spanish.  I'm coming back to Spain in few days. With the unlimited subscription there was no trouble to listen music but now it doesn't work, even though I'm supposed to have 14 days to use it abroad.


Now, when I try to use Spotify, it says that I'm not in the country registered in my profile, and I am supposed to change the settings. But when I go into my account, it sais: Norway. So... I can't change it, because it's already Norway... Even thoug I think it should actually say Spain, because It's there that I have it registered and I'm coming back in a few days and I would like to keep using my account there!


So... I don't understand why it doesn't work now, and I'm afraid it won't work either when I come back!!


Thanks for any tips!

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Hello! The 14-day travel limit is active on your account, but when you arrive back in Spain this will reset. The account's country is currently set to Spain, not Norway - could there be another account somewhere?


Happy travels.

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Thanks for your reply. Well, now it sais Spain, but yesterday it certainly said Norway, I checked it five or six times :S I thought time restriction shouldn´t apply yet since I've been only using the free subscription for one day abroad, and I am supposed to have 14... but I hope everything is solved when coming back...



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