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Crappy lack of feedback when subscription runs out

Crappy lack of feedback when subscription runs out

I love spotify and have paid for a premium membership for ages and ages, almost from the start. 

Someone stole my credit card and I had to cancel it, and it happened to be what pays for spotify. Suddenly spotify stops. Now warning, no email saying "we have tried to debit your account but it failed" no days of grace. Nothing. In the middle of listening it stops and I have no clue why. It could at least say in my account that you had tried to debit and thats why it has stopped. No. Just revert me to standard subscription and let me figure it out. How bad is that.


Come on Spotify, if you want people back, you have to do better than that. People have a loyalty to you, but it wears thin real quick when you do that to me.

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Are you sure you didn't get an email about it? 

Normally when a payment fails, the system automatically emails you and then tries again in a few days. 



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