Credit Card Fraud

Hi, I am writing to you to inform you that my Visa credit card (Royal Bank of Canada) is being used by someone and there have been 4 debits to my credit card with the following details:

0612 0612 $9.99   Spotify P02A13666A
0712 0712  $9.99  Spotify P02E26520B
0814 0812  $9.99  Spotify P0321686D0

Sep 12, 2017

Spotify P0367F59FD Stockholm$9.99


Can you please investigate and advise who is using my credit card please and have the charges reversed. My email address is

Thank you.

Adam Chanda

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I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form.


Let me know if you need anything more!

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