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Credit Card being charged. I don't have an account.

Credit Card being charged. I don't have an account.

I am continuosly being charged monthly for a spotify premium account which I do not have.  I would like to cancel this charge immediately.


Please tell me how I can accomplish this, and what information would be required to do this?


Following is the information from my credit card statement:


07/14/2013 Spotify USA 877-778-1161 NY $9.99  
  Transaction Type: 2  
  Post Date: 07/14/2013  
  Reference Number: SXJDC700  
  Charge To: Standard Purch


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Hey @bgagg5!


Sorry you've had a bad experience! Spotify Support is super helpful, but you have to let them know you have an issue. I recommend reaching out to them at the info provided in this thread. 



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What should I do? Same thing but my charge was 10.96


I don't have premium either and I'm getting charged too

I’ve been charged $9.99 for Spotify premium member that I don’t have an acc. How’d you guys have my information and acc information? This is illegally charges from my acc. I don’t put any of the credit information in Spotify. 

I have just been notified that I am being charged for an account that is free and has never been used. I never gave the credit card number to anyone. I attempted a chat and was told that yes, my account is free and that I have to give the credit card number in order for this to be investigated. What kind of scam are you running?


Hervin 😧 

Nobody likes being charged for nothing so I totally understand. Don't worry, I'll look into this and sort this out.

James Raus: ok
Hervin 😧 

Alright, I've taken a look at your account and can see that it's on Free. You might have another account with us that has been upgraded on Premium.

Can you provide me the first six and last four digits of your payment card? I can run a search backstage using that info to locate the transaction. 

James Raus: no other account. No, I dont have this card. Its never been used. Its looked up somewhere
Hervin 😧 

I see. Could you give the first six and last four digits of your payment instead so we can investigate this further?

James Raus: only last 4 at 6072. I don't get any email or text messages from you
Hervin 😧 

If you can also see any ten digit code beginning with P0 on your bank statement, that would be great. 

Hervin 😧 

Thanks for that info. I'm afraid I need your first six to narrow down the search. I won't be able to locate any transaction using only the last four sorry.

James Raus: you just asked me the same question twuce for cc number
James Raus: 346772059 is zip
Hervin 😧 

Sorry about that. We really need your first six and last four to completely run a search, James.

James Raus: Ive never used the card so how would you have it to charge me?
Hervin 😧 

That's why we need to locate the transaction so we check what can be done here. In order to locate that, we need you to provide some info.

James Raus: Ok, reporting your company for fraud. shame on you
Hervin 😧 

We can refund that easily refund that payment, James. We just need to locate the transaction. 

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