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Credit card expiration date changed!?!

Credit card expiration date changed!?!



My old card expired and I was trying to enter the new expiration date.  I went through the whole process and the credit card refused to go through because of the zero balance charge that Spotify sends my account as a test.  I contacted my bank and they told me that their Fraud Department policy won't allow a zero balance charge even if I authorize it.  The charge, I am told,  has to be greater than $1.00. 


My card number hasn't changed and all I have to do is change the expiration date.  Spotify forces me to enter the card number as if I've never been a member.  FYI:  All my other online subscriptions allow me just to change the expiration date.  This is the only credit/Debit card that I have.



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Hi there, and welcome to the community 🙂


You will have to either tell your bank to stop being idiots, or contact the customer service team using the Support Form 🙂

(The first option would be more interesting ;))



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