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Critical Bug? error 410 - Account assoc with incorrect email / 'incorrect credentials' on login

Critical Bug? error 410 - Account assoc with incorrect email / 'incorrect credentials' on login

I believe I'm experiencing a bad bug with my Spotify account. It's either a bad bug or I'm getting hacked. I'm not getting very far with the customer service, so I thought I'd post here in the hopes that a developer or QA person reads these reports who can help me/escalate this.


I work in QA so I am very open to any developer or QA person contacting me to troubleshoot this issue. Perhaps it is known but difficult to reproduce.


The problem is, I'm periodically being locked out of my account with "invalid credentials" error message though I'm entering the right credentials. At some point also, my account was associated with an email address that is not mine.


Here is the recap of events:

- 10 days ago, I tried to login to Spotify on my iPhone app and I kept on getting a prompt about invalid credentials although I believed I was entering the right credentials. I tried to login on the website and also received 'invalid credentials' error message.


- I tried to "forget password" but never received an email in my inbox with the reset password link.


- Customer service "fixed" the issue by associating the proper email to my account and then I was able to reset my password.


- I was able to login successfully, but I noticed that my playlists had disappeared and there were new playlists that I had never created. I also had apps that I had never added to my account.


- A few days later, I was getting locked out of my account again. Yet again, "forget password" was not sending me an email.


- I was able to reset my password using the link I received previously. When I checked my account details, I saw an email address was associated with my account which was not one of my email addresses which was alarming.


- Since then, periodically my account is getting locked out (3 or 4 times). One of the times I got locked out, I reset my password and when I logged in and viewed my profile I saw that all my profile values had reset to 0/default values (1/1/2011 birthdate, no gender, no zip code).


- When my account gets locked out, I'm noticing there's different error messaging than if I attempt to login with my username and a totally incorrect password. When I login with the credentials that *should* be correct, on the desktop app, I appear to get logged into the app but then I receive a banner at the top that says the credentials are invalid. When I login with my username but a totally incorrect password, I reecive the error message within the login dialog. I'm experiencing the same diffference on my iPhone app.


I'd really like to figure out what's going on and perhaps help if this is a bad bug in the system.




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