Customer Service Issue - 2nd post

Customer Service Issue - 2nd post


This is a little concerning...this is now my second post...


I've had an issue for 2 weeks now and NO ONE has followed up! I firstly reached out to serveral teams and got directed to spotify's "awesome Artist Services" team. Okay, fine. I understand that certain teams have different functions, so I submitted a ticket and emailed the artist services team. I did recieved one response asking for account information, after which, I provided all the details. Aside from that one contact, I have not recieved any further contact from the team! I've sent FIVE different emails, requesting a simple response. I've asked for it to be escalated. And no answer, no response, no nothing. Unbelieveable. What a joke. 


The problem I have is not too complicated - spotify keeps uploading my songs to a profile that has a shared artist name. The solution is simple too - have spotify create a new profile with the shared artist name and move my songs. This should not be difficult, but it's taken 2 weeks and several emails without any response, and this forum thread to hopefully get this resolved.


Can someone please help!?



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