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I have now spent £20 upgrading Spotify to premium twice on 2 separate accounts because you don't have an easy access button within your app and now I have no idea how to get the account with all my music upgraded to premium. However I do now have two piece of **bleep** accounts with no music in them running perfectly on premium. You have no contact number or nothing to actually help me here and when I text stop to cancel both these piece of **bleep** accounts it won't let my text go through.

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For several months now, you have been charging me twice. I pay by direct debit on my current account. However, there is also the same amount being added to my phone account every month. The two amounts are both £9.99. If this is an error you need to refund me.If I have two accounts, i want to close the one on my phone please aas I no longer use this phone and have cancelled the direct debit with EE which included this amount.. Please advise what details you require from me.


The phione number was 07974 228396. My name is Jonathan C. Taylor 73 Ta;bot Road VBournemouth BH92JD E mail and


Please also provide a phone number or live chat access so we can resolve this now. Thank you.


Jonathan Taylor


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I have purchased Spotify premium today and have not received it. I'm using the right account I have the email confirmation and bank confirmation. . I have logged out and back in 3 times now to no avail

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Hello basically I need to know about way is Spotify  music are free but Spotify it self as to buy bills money. Thanks 


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Hi Peter, 


Is this thread still active? I have some questions, just trying to see if I get response.



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I went to a number listed on the web that says Spotify phone customer service after letting the person get on my laptop he starting mentioning a name Coinbase and emailing me codes to try to tranfer my playlists and migrating my phone.Then he said their would be a $3 charge for technical assistance!I said this doesn't feel right and disconnected.Spotify needs to have a legit phone number!I may have to see if Pandora has a customer service number.