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DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Temporarily deactivating FB revokes Spotify access

DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!! Temporarily deactivating FB revokes Spotify access

I decided I wanted a break from Facebook so I deactivated my account with the view of coming back in a month or so when I've had a detox from the endless pointless friend requests, annoying people I haven't spoken to in months spewing crap down my news feed, and generally spending too much time on it.


I left for my walk to work today to find Spotify had been logged out on all my devices because of this.


Are you for real? Is it really the case that Spotify and Facebook are now SUCH bumchums that if you dare to deactivate your Facebook account you have lost everything?

Can I make a new temporary Facebook account then login with that, or will all my music still exist on the deactivated Facebook?


I'm so mad right now, as a paying customer to Spotify my music should still be accessible with or without my Facebook account being active. I could break something I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi there. Yes, a Facebook account is required. It's not possible to move data between Facebook accounts.

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