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Daily Mix have COMPLETEY disappeared from account

Daily Mix have COMPLETEY disappeared from account







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Hello! My Daily Mixes have completely disappeared from my Spotify account. I've been an user of Spotify for several years and used my Daily Mixes a lot as well - only problem is now, that they've gone missing (The lovely support on @SpotifyCares on Twitter told me to "Check my Home tab" and "Go into the Made for You tab and then swipe right") It's not that I don't know where they are, it's that they're gone. On both my iPhone's Spotify app and on my laptop's Spotify.


I'm not sure how long they've been gone, but I've tried both reinstalling my apps, log in and out of my account, the support on Twitter told me they've noticed a "slight hiccup with my offline cache" (which they then refreshed), I've uninstalled again and so on - they're gone and I can't seem to find someone with the same issue. It feels as if it's a technical problem with just my account, but since you can't really get personal support on Spotify any more, I'll try and see if anyone can help me here? Thanks in advance! 


I've added two photos of my 'Made for You' tab to demonstrate they are not there - I still have other personalized playlist such as Discover Weekly and on my Home tab a few Recommended Radios show up, so it's not because my account is completely lacking my music algorithm (I'm guessing, without being a tech expert at all.)

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Hey there @annahjort,

thanks for posting !


Please check this help article as it might help solving the issue you're having.


Let me know how it goes 😃

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