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Deactivating Spotify


Deactivating Spotify

Music Fan
‎2012-12-30 03:48 AM

Can anyone tell me how to deactivate Spotify completely?! I can't use it at all! I tried upgrading to premium so I can use it on my phone, but I can't pay for it because I live in the UK and only have US credit cards (which is very stupid by the way). I don't understand why we are automatically forced to sign up under another country. That should be the choice of the customer! Otherwise, it's pointless to have it. If there won't be any changes, or if I'm not atleast able to change my country so that I can use the app I don't want to be associated with it at all!!!

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Re: Deactivating Spotify

Community Legend
‎2012-12-30 10:04 AM

Hey! Welcome to the community :) 


Unfortunately the country restrictions are enforced by the record labels as content and licensing varies between regions. Forcing your credit card and account to be registered in the same country also helps cut down on card fraud. 


Since you said you are in the UK, you don't need a credit card to subscribe. You can purchase gift cards from a number of high street retailers which you can then redeem against your account. Since you are buying on the high street, you can use whatever payment method you like.


If you would still like to close your account, have a read at this topic.



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