Debito automatico

Debito automatico


Premium duo




Hola tengo el plan duo por $ 389 y me debitaron de la cuenta $ 676.86 necesito que me reintegren o que me lo descuenten de la factura del mes de diciembre.




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Hi there @Marce5,


Thanks for the post. Hope you don't mind me replying in English, as that's the official language of the Community!


Since you're getting double charges, you most likely have another Premium subscription running, that's not being used and you need to cancel that. You should first check what you see on your account page. This way you can check which username and email you're currently using on your devices. 


Try thinking of any other usernames and/or email addresses that you might have an account with and try logging in with those. The account could be registered to an email address with a wrong domain like and If necessary, you can request a password reset. Also, as for usernames, make sure that you try with the account's username and not it's display name, as only the username can be used for login. More info on that here. If you manage to find your Premium account and log into it, you can of course cancel the subscription.


In case you're unable to locate the Premium account on your own, it's best you reach out to Customer Support as they're the folks who can look further into this and provide you with more info on the matter. Be ready to send the payment info to them, so they can check where the double charges are coming from.


Hope this helps.

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