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Default language for communications from Spotify

Default language for communications from Spotify

I am based in Hong Kong and speak English. I can set the Spotify interface language to English but when Spotify sends me a communication, eg. an email re upgrading to the new family plan, the email language is Chinese, I assume because the system assumes if I live in Hong Kong then I must speak Chinese. How do I set my global language preference for all user interfaces and communications from Spotify to be in English?

2 Replies

Hi @D-Run!


Thanks for reaching out to us.


The language set on your account is also based on your IP address and can't be changed on the emails you're currently receiving from us, but you can post this on our ideas board and get support from other users 🙂

I'll do that, even though it seems like a pretty easy implementation to set a users default language for all communications, irrespective of where one is at the moment your IP address is captured! I travel a lot; am I to expect emails from Spotify in all the languages of the countries I travel to?? I'm going to try and collect these and make a post 🙂

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