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Delete My Account

Hi, I've just got Spotify recently and I don't like it not even a bit. I've tried to delete it and it's about the same thing with Facebook (impossible to delete). I tried so many procedures and non of it is working. I watched YouTube videos & I also sent emails to the customer service and still nothing. Please help. How can I delete Spotify?
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I see you want to remove Spotify. Go to Windows, select installed apps and then go Remove apps section. Remove Spotify.


Is thereanything we can help out to make you happy again about Spotify? We can work any stuff out for your satisfaction in community.


If you still want to delete account, simple log in to facebook, if created using it and follow the link 😉


If Spotify account using email, you can remove it contacting service. If no answer, post case number, someone will escalate.


It is clearly impossible to erase all the date when once registered. I think it is almost useless to even remove Spotify account, as you can't be sure if they will remove or only deactivate it xd


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