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Delete Spotify and other businesses like it from your life

Delete Spotify and other businesses like it from your life

From a customer who's used spotify for at least the past  two years, if not more, I am extremly dissapointed. For one, who's moronic, inane idea was it to require not only a login password for the computer, but yet another separate loging for a mobile app? This person should be fired immediately. In addition, how is it that a company with FIVE BILLION DOLLARS of revenue as of FY 2017 has ZERO form of actual customer support. Do you honestly expect me to search through a bunch of forums when you should have people at your company to solve these problems (which didn't work and I tried multiple threads)? I don't spend my hard earned money to search through forums because you're too worried about your bottom line and filling the pockets of your share holders to pay for customer support. You're business model is literally a joke, a scam and a complete slap in the face of every customer you have. You are the epitome of corporate greed and a company I will no longer affiliate myself with. I will be informing every single person I know that uses spotify, or ones thinking of switching to spotify of this and recommending they take a different route.


Yours truley,


A customer just trying to log in on a new phone.

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I AM ALSO EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED (and my caps lock key is NOT stuck)... every couple months when my laptop goes to sleep, I can no longer log in to my Spotify EXE on windows 10.  I don't know if I need to use my 121698075 as username, or the email that I clearly see in my webapp.   It says "username or email address" and NEITHER work!


I feel your pain, sadly I have no idea what to do to resolve yours or my issue (and I have worked in software development for 30 years).  Do they even do unit testing?


I am so close to demanding a refund for this month!!!!!!!

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