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Deleted Playlists (Yes, I read the 'read first'. No, it did not help.)

Deleted Playlists (Yes, I read the 'read first'. No, it did not help.)

Hi Spotify,


I just tried launching the Spotify app after work today to find that I had been logged out and my password disabled. I reset the password to a message saying that I had used "Available offline" on too many devices (impossible as I only have a phone and laptop) and needed to restart the app. Restarted and all of my playlists were gone. The app still opens to a song I was playing off one of the playlists, but none of them are to be found. Tried on my laptop and had the same experience.


I took a look at the FAQ page, but logging in through Facebook/email/username all had zero effect. I am also not logging into a dormant/unused account as I've had the same account, always.


The thought of 5ish years of playlists gone out of nowhere is seriously depressing, so please please if anyone can help.


Thank you!



Update: Could I have been hacked? The only playlist left is a subscription to something awful that I never subscribed to.

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Hey there Joe, thanks for reaching out in the community!

This is odd but let's try to troubleshoot this. Have you tried recovering your playlists through here? If they don't appear and you have suspicions that your account could be hacked make sure to change password!

In that case also make sure to contact Spotify through here, so that they will take a look into this and try to recover your lost playlists.

Let me know how this helped!



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