Deleting account


Deleting account

Hello. Ive installed spotify in my phone.. And the first time i logged in, i used my fb to log in.
After some time, i logged out and decided to create an account in spotify(the one with username,password, and email)...
And i want to connect THIS new acct to my fb. Problem is my old acct IS connected to fb.. Or the old acct itself is the fb acct.

How can i connect my new acct to my fb?
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Hi @daniellejohnlag,

Sorry that I have to disappoint you, but I can only quote one sentence from this article (There you can read helpful information all about Facebook and Spotify):

"Disconnecting from Facebook is not possible if you have a Spotify account created with Facebook."


> If you want to configure the account you've created with Spotify, hit this Link:


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