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[Desktop][Connect] Can't log in but reactivates my Facebook account?!

[Desktop][Connect] Can't log in but reactivates my Facebook account?!

I just joined Spotify Premium yesterday to use with my Amazon Echo (which is no longer working with the Echo today).  Today, I downloaded the app for my PC and when I tried logging in with the same username/password that I log into the website with, it said the UN/PW password combo was incorrect, which it was not.  Then I get an email saying that my old Facebook account has been reactivated, and I don't want it reactivated. 


Next, I reset my password from the link in the app and attempt to login to the desktop app again - nope, says the UN/PW password combo is not correct, and then my old Facebook account was reactivated again (after I had just deactivated it). 


So far, I'm finding this service to be incredibly underwhelming. 


Anyway, must I have an active Facebook account in order to create playlists, etc.? 

Has anyone else had the same login problems?  I can't get the desktop app to let me  login!!!

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Hey @colbyhaase, welcome to the Community!


We've had a look at your account and seen it's active as Premium under the username "colbyhaase" and it isn't connected to Facebook. It's not required to have a Facebook account to use Spotify. Can you send us a screenshot showing what happens when you try logging in?


We'll see what we can suggest. 

Well, I just tried again and I got the exact same thing.  Here's what I did:

1.  Uninstalled Spotify

2.  Logged into the Website to verify my username/pw combo.

3.  Reinstalled Spotify and attempted to login with the same username/pw combo I logged into via the website.

4.  See attached - I get the exact same thing. 

5.  Email received stating my Facebook account has been reactivated

Spotify Login.PNG
Facebook Activation.PNG

Thanks for the screenshot @colbyhaase!


Can you try logging in with your username "colbyhaase" and password instead one more time? If that doesn't help, we'd recommed resetting your password using an incognito window here


Let us know how that goes.

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