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[Desktop][Friend Feed] the same three friends show in friend activity

[Desktop][Friend Feed] the same three friends show in friend activity

I am following quite a lot of friends on Spotify. I keep seeing activity of only three people in my "Friend Activity" tab. I want to see what my other friends are listening to. Spotify - there have been other similar threads and on some threads its tagged as Not Now. Solve this issue. Show activity of all friends, not just select three all the time.

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Hi there @macalester,

thanks for reaching out !


I would recommend kicking things off by visiting your account and:

- Find the "Privacy" tab

- Turn off and back on the "Process My Facebook Data" tab

- Go back to your main Profile page

- Click "Sign Out Everywhere"

- Log back in 


If this didn't help, you can take the steps provided on this Spotify Answer to try and "shake" things of.


If both didn't help, I would recommend a clean reinstall (a bit different) following the steps provided here.


Let me know how it goes 🙂

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