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Desktop keeps adding the same random song to all listening activity

Desktop keeps adding the same random song to all listening activity

Premium UK Macbook Air M1 - I don't get this on the desktop on the Mac Mini


I keep getting the same unusual Queen tune popping into my play queue. It doesn't matter what I'm listening to - my library, podcasts or as this morning an album.


This morning, I put on British Steel by Judas Priest - it played track 1 fine, but instead of going to track 2, I got Cool Cats by Queen. I can skip to track 2 of the album, but this has happened a few times now, and it is always that odd Queen song, that i've never liked or chosen to listen to.


This happens once or twice a week

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Hey @sjharrison,


Thank you for reaching out here in the Community!


Have you already tried clearing the play queue of your device? This looks like an issue with an item in the play queue at a first glance. Here is more on how to do that.


It is also a good idea to clear cached files following this steps, as sometimes they can interfere with the app's performance on your device. 

If none of the above helps, it'd be great if you can send end us a screenshot of what you see in your queue as this would help is investigate further.

We'll be on the lookout for your reply. 

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