Device manager, offline playlists and personal music


Device manager, offline playlists and personal music

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I recently got a new phone and it has caused so much trouble with spotify that its mind blowing. All trouble I could have easily corrected with some as simple as a device manager. Instead I'm stuck posting to other threads and waiting for solutions that don't work. I had downloaded my playlists and used them for over a week. Today after leaving for a day trip I hit shuffle, listened to 1 song and was disconnected. It said that this device no longer has download privileges. I just changed my password and posted to the reset devices thread yesterday, so if this is a remnant from that, how ridiculous. I decided I would just play music I had in the playlists that was my own, a bunch of mix tapes and remixes not on spotify. Everything was deleted when my device desynced.
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Re: Device manager, offline playlists and personal music

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Hey @bpm828 🙂


If you posted asking for a device reset here on the community then that will be why all of your content was unsyned and you will need to redownload it (since all of your licenses will have been removed). 


If you are still having issues after that, feel free to let us know 🙂 



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