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Different people listen to music from different amazon echo

Different people listen to music from different amazon echo



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I have multiple alexa echos at home

I have created household profile in amazon and each person is identified
I have spotify duo subscription
I have linked each person's alexa with own spotify credentials

I have read every how-to existing out-there, but still.


I ve tried everything. Can someone guide me responsibly on how to be able to:

listen 2 people to spotify music simultaneously from different amazon echo devices? In 2021 this shouldnt be rocket science...


Thank you 



Spotify DUO





multiple echos



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Hey there @Malikron, 


1) Ask each user to download the Alexa app and login to their own Amazon account, in the Alexa app link their Spotify account to their account. 

As you’ve linked the whole household, on any of the speakers If you try asking Alexa the following “Alexa, change to (name) account”, Alexa will then change to the Amazon account linked with that users name and if they then ask a command it should use their Spotify account so give it ago


The technique you outlined is a work around however, it’s not 100% perfect nor guaranteed to work as these devices are designed to work with 1 account.


I’d recommend creating an idea by following these steps here to get this in front of Spotify’s product teams and you can additionally share feedback with Amazon directly on their devices forums.



Hey @Malikorn ,


Thanks for coming to the Community.


In order for you to use different Echo speakers at the same time, you'll need to have separate Alexa accounts linked to those speakers and also each connected to a separate Spotify account.


If you'd like to swap the Spotify accounts identified in the household, you can vote for this idea here.

Hope this helps!

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Hey there Ethan,


Thank you Maxim,


So far I have 2 accounts in the echo as household and I can switch profiles.

However the issue seems to lay with spotify as when one account is playing then the other one stops (both are 1 amazon -> 1 spotify).
I believe is how spotify nests the DUO or family accounts and considers them as one. I ll have to test now to configure a 2nd full spotify account to echo profile 2 and see if that works

thank you for your answer!

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