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Disable Ads for Hulu on Paid Accounts

Disable Ads for Hulu on Paid Accounts

How can I opt out of the Hulu discount or any notifications about it?  I'm not interested in taking advantage of the deal, and pay for an ad free experience.  Is there a setting that I can opt out of notifications for promos?


I thought there were no ads on paid accounts?

2 Replies

Hey @pureliquidhw, welcome to the community!


You can manage what notifications you're receiving by following these steps.


If you're actually hearing ads about the promotion and you have Premium, you might have multiple accounts and you're logging into the wrong one. Try following these suggestions to see if you can log into the Premium account.


All the best.

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It was a pop over ad I needed to dismiss when I went into the app.  Wasn't during playback but before it as I entered the app in the morning.


I had already clicked no thanks on a previous one.  Is there a way I can opt out of all offers?  It wasn't an email or push notification.

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