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Disable facebook spotify account.

Disable facebook spotify account.


I got my spotify acount and a facebook made one that uses the same email, I would love to remove the facebook made one. because I get "fail to enable spotify social" conecting to facebook having both using the same email.

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Hey there - You should be able to connect your Facebook to your "mind_warps" now.
Airhorn Enthusiast

I still get "failed to enable spotify social" and my email is still listed as used in my profile.

Thx for the help.

I've taken another look - Try logging in using your "mind_warps" username now, and try again.
Airhorn Enthusiast

Same issue, I supose there is some conflict with the facebook made spotify account "Another account is already registered with this email address"    😞 

Got a start enjoing spotify with your facebook email now for using my facebook account to login to spotify..

Ok, so I logged in with my facebook acount and it asked me if i was mind_warps and to logg in with that, so I did and it works fine exept that I cant see anyone on people, its stuck on "spotify is more fun with friends. get started"

thax for the help



Edit : Never mind, fixed it deleting the Cookies file

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