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Disable localised content // make it optional please?

Disable localised content // make it optional please?

I'm living in the Netherlands and all the pre-made Spotify playlists are localised with Dutch artists and bands, which I can totally relate to as I am fully Dutch myself -- but what the guys of Spotify probably didn't think of: not everybody is a fan of Dutch music (hate it!). I find myself skipping A LOT of songs all the time when I want to use the pre-made Spotify playlists (which is the fun of Spotify, right?). 


Also, my girlfriend is an American expat who doesn't understand Dutch either and when we're together I find myself skipping Dutch songs even more which does not add much to the music listening experience. 


Would have been so much easier if I could just switch off localised content for pre-made playlists in my account settings. If only...! 

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Hey there @dan-wet

thanks for posting !


Assorted playlists on a user's homepage are curated specifically by the county's content and unfortunately there's no way to change it.


I do suggest heading to the "Ideas" section of the community and implementing your idea there for users to vote and promote it.


Have a great day 😃

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