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Disappeared song (spotify for artist)

Disappeared song (spotify for artist)

Hi, I use the spotify for artist account(italy). I had a song of mine in the upcoming section (distributed via distrokid) and it should have been published the 15th july, yesterday, but it has suddenly disappeared. All the other services have it, so it has to be a problem of spotify. Let me know if I’m in the right section. 

thanks a lot


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Hey @ElisaEffe,


Thanks for sharing this with the Community!
We'd suggest checking this directly with the Spotify for Artists Support 🙂
We'd be happy to know how it goes & we're here for you if any other questions come to mind.

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Hi, thank you but i had tried to write them, i have no answer still and
some users say they never answer so i’m a bit worried if after a bit i
should re write them or not. Some users here have sent me to the spotify
faq that says “look at your content manager account” and i tried to create
an account of this type there (it asks to use google authenticator) but i
failed, because it connects me with my google account and not with my
spotify account

Hey @ElisaEffe,


Thank for your reply.


If you didn’t request your music be taken down, you'd need to reach out to your label or distributor for help. You can find more info in this article.


If you already did and still need assistance, we understand you've already reached out to our Artist Support team, but keep in mind that they might take a few days to reply, so we suggest waiting a bit longer.


Take into account that our Artist Support team are the right folks to provide you with further info/help with this, since we as Community moderators don't have access to your account or the tools to help you with this matter.


For anything else you need, the Community is here for you.

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“Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed heart opens.”– Maria von Trapp

Hello, thanks. Yes, i had read the article, i tried to do a content manager
account to see where my song went but i failed, so i asked also in the
content operation section.

Anyway, i think it’s necessary to go into my account because i noticed that
in the distrokid hyperfollow section it allows me only to pre-save it, as
if it was unpublished. However, distrokid gave me the spotify link of the
song as if it was published (the only way to see it, bcs on my profile it
doesn’t exist) but when you click play it doesn’t play, so it’s like if
it’s there but not totally, if you get what i mean

Also unrelated but that morning i couldn’t access at my profile for a hour,
and then i noticed that the new photos on my gallery had disappeared and a
old deleted one was returned there so maybe my whole profile had problems.

Anyway, i hope i don’t have to re upload it because i did the pitch

If you can’t give me advice anymore, thanks the same:):)

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