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Discover Weekly Album Cover / unlink Facebook Account

Discover Weekly Album Cover / unlink Facebook Account

Hi everyone

i have the same problem as everyone else... the discovery weekly album cover with my ex since almost one year..! 😉

i've contacted the spotify support, they said i should create a new account, because i created it with facebook.

but this isn't an option for me, because i have a familiy account and would need to delete my family in the old account and reinvite them with the new one.

spotify can you PLEASE just change the album cover!?

or give us the option to unlink our facebook account? 

this shouldn't be impossible in 2018 i guess...


thank you... 

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open Facebook and go to settings->apps. Then manually unlink spotify. After that, log-out from your pc to spotify. Log-in again, link your facebook profile again. It should be fix the problem. Also, in the case this is not gonna help you out, I suggest you to change your spotify profile pic by the app on your computer. After few days it should synchronize the new image and refresh the old one. 

thank you for your answer 🙂
I deleted the facebook app and logged out every device. I also changed my profil picture last week on tuesday. it didn't got synchronized back with my facebook one yet.


shall i just wait or do you have other ideas? 🙂

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