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Discover Weekly keeps recycling the same songs

Discover Weekly keeps recycling the same songs

Discover Weekly was a great service at first. I've found some really good music through it that I probably wouldn't otherwise. Then, a few months ago, I started getting the same tracks again. The first week with any duplicates actually had a song from the week before on it. How does that make any sense? How does that help me find new music? Isn't the purpose of "Discover Weekly" to discover things?

Ever since then, every week's been about half duplicates (that I can remember, anyway, there might be more) of songs that've been on there since I started keeping up with it, back in August. I'm asking about this now, because this week, there were 5-10 songs that had already been on Discover Weekly twice, making this the third time I "discovered" them.

These aren't songs that I added to any playlists, or saved, or listened to more from the artist, or gave any indication that I liked. I try to play every (new) song on Discover through once to give it a chance. I do that for all of them, and that's the only explanation I can think of. I've heard that skipping a song before 30 seconds marks it disliked, and it won't come up again, but I skipped some of those tracks already, and now they're back a third time.

This week, I only count 9 tracks that I don't remember from Discover already. I'd like it if there was a way to get Discover to stop recommending edgy cybergoth music (we've all had times the algorithm missed the mark), but weeding out duplicates seems like a no-brainer that's critical to the whole purpose of Discover Weekly.

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I guess it started after I disliked many songs (at least 15 songs every week) 4 weeks in a row.

While there where always a few duplicate songs, this year my Discover Weekly playlists often contained about 1/3 of songs that I either had in recent Discover Weekly lists or even have saved in one of my personal playlists.
Very annoying!

This weeks playlist: 8 out of 30 songs are repeats and/or saved in my playlists. That's about 27%.

Not sure why it is so difficult to fix this! This feature is one of the main features that I use Spotify, and one thinks it should be easy not to recommend songs that have been recommended before or are already in one's playlist. But somehow they can't fix it!

Bump! This is so frustrating and something I've been experiencing for years. There are many threads on this, but Spotify seems to ignore.


Every week I get songs that have appeared on previous Discover Weekly playlists. I don't want to click "I don't like this song" as that may not be true....I just don't want it to be forced on me repeatedly in my discover weekly!

Maybe it is time that we start writing to customer service to ask about this feature? It seems that Spotify has just abandoned this forum.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reaching out about this to the Community.


Note that there are several reasons why you might see the same song come up in your Discover Weekly more than once.  

One of them is that the song was released as part of multiple albums. Because of this it's identified by the system as a separate track. It's also possible that the song got removed and re-uploaded with a different version.


In order avoid this from happenings and to get more diverse recommendations on your Discover Weekly in general, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Make sure you're not listening to Spotify in Private Session
  • Save your favorite songs and listen to music you like
  • Unfollow your Discover Weekly playlist, and then follow it again under 'Browse > Discover'

By following these steps and expanding your music collection you can give the algorithm a little push and should start seeing new suggestions, more in synch with your taste after a couple of integrations of your Discover Weekly.

In order to be able to better address your individual issues with the playlist, we're closing off this thread for new comments. If you continue to experience any difficulties, you can always create a new thread in the relevant help board.


Mihail Moderator
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Every week my Discover weekly playlist is filled with Songs that are already marked as faded out. It is almost 50% of the Songs.

That solution does not apply to my issue. I don't like the Songs and mark them. However some weeks later they appear in a new "Discover weekly" but are already marked as "please don't play this again".

Why do you recommend songs that i already marked?

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