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Discover Weekly keeps recycling the same songs

Discover Weekly keeps recycling the same songs

Discover Weekly was a great service at first. I've found some really good music through it that I probably wouldn't otherwise. Then, a few months ago, I started getting the same tracks again. The first week with any duplicates actually had a song from the week before on it. How does that make any sense? How does that help me find new music? Isn't the purpose of "Discover Weekly" to discover things?

Ever since then, every week's been about half duplicates (that I can remember, anyway, there might be more) of songs that've been on there since I started keeping up with it, back in August. I'm asking about this now, because this week, there were 5-10 songs that had already been on Discover Weekly twice, making this the third time I "discovered" them.

These aren't songs that I added to any playlists, or saved, or listened to more from the artist, or gave any indication that I liked. I try to play every (new) song on Discover through once to give it a chance. I do that for all of them, and that's the only explanation I can think of. I've heard that skipping a song before 30 seconds marks it disliked, and it won't come up again, but I skipped some of those tracks already, and now they're back a third time.

This week, I only count 9 tracks that I don't remember from Discover already. I'd like it if there was a way to get Discover to stop recommending edgy cybergoth music (we've all had times the algorithm missed the mark), but weeding out duplicates seems like a no-brainer that's critical to the whole purpose of Discover Weekly.

Top Answer
Spotify Legend

Hey everyone,

Thanks for reaching out about this to the Community.


Note that there are several reasons why you might see the same song come up in your Discover Weekly more than once.  

One of them is that the song was released as part of multiple albums. Because of this it's identified by the system as a separate track. It's also possible that the song got removed and re-uploaded with a different version.


In order avoid this from happenings and to get more diverse recommendations on your Discover Weekly in general, we suggest that you do the following:

  • Make sure you're not listening to Spotify in Private Session
  • Save your favorite songs and listen to music you like
  • Unfollow your Discover Weekly playlist, and then follow it again under 'Browse > Discover'

By following these steps and expanding your music collection you can give the algorithm a little push and should start seeing new suggestions, more in synch with your taste after a couple of integrations of your Discover Weekly.

In order to be able to better address your individual issues with the playlist, we're closing off this thread for new comments. If you continue to experience any difficulties, you can always create a new thread in the relevant help board.


68 Replies

I have this exact same issue. Wish it would not repeat songs. 

I'm having the same problem! I do tend to play the whole playlist through several times over the course of the week, but that should be no reason to continue including up to a third (in my experience) of songs I've heard before in the playlist. This playlist does still do a good job of including some unexpected and novel music, but it is most definitely converging toward more similar songs, even those I haven't heard before.


To any spotify devs listening, I think the simplest solution to this is just removing the possibility of repeated songs in the playlist. I hope I'm not sounding demanding 🙂 If it makes any difference, I do pay for premium!

This week's playlist definitely hit a new low for me. It's entirely a repetition of songs I never even liked to begin with from previous weeks. I used to look forward to the list updating on Monday, now I am dreading it. Please just do something about this. There are several options to solve this: put a time stamp on the songs to mark when it was suggested to the user and then make sure it's not suggested within, let's say, the next year. Or just don't suggest songs that have been played by the user before. There's got to be a place where you record how often a song has been played by each user. If can do it, so can you, Spotify.

Same for me. I have now got the same song for the last 4 weeks, along with about 10 other repeats, most of which were on last week's playlist. I agree with whoever said this makes them think bands are paying for this. Makes the service totally obsolete for me. Pandora doesn't have this problem.

Glad (well sort of) Im not the only one.  This weeks playlist sounds almost exactly the same as 2 discover weekly before. Too many songs are there again

Glad I wasn't the only one hearing repeats. I've had at least 2 songs stuck on my list for 3 weeks in row now, and last week I heard a few songs that had been on there the week or two before and I was really confused. I hope this issue gets solved soon. This is essentially the only way I find new music anymore and I don't wanna hear repeats of songs that didn't make it to my library.

i'm another victim... it's driving me nuts. spotify, why the **bleep** are you not responding to this?

Would love Spotify to weigh in on this. I mean I'm paying for it. 

The Discover Weekly and the New Song playlist are not anymore relevant since at least 6 months.

The suggested songs are not reflected the one I was listening during the previous week. With great regret, I haven't discovered new songs since a while whereas I bought Spotify for that. 

Well, Spotify? It looks like a lot of paying customers (me included) would like some answers.

Really would like to know if this is a problem that's being addressed at all? Seriously considering switching to a new service because of this, and I love Spotify. 

Hi spotify! Looks like this week the playlist is a lot better than previous, but still some repeats (not a big problem). Thanks for fixing our favorite feature! 🙂

I really liked the discover weekly and daily playlists in the beginning as well and like others it was the reason I continued to pay after my trial but now that they are not changing or just repeating I am losing my need for Spotify. I can get more variety out of Pandora or my own collection of 80,000 + mp3s !.

Please address this issue

Completely frustrating to have the same songs I hate popping up my Weekly ever again! It's not that the algorithm to come up with good songs works that well, yet there is now way to improve it. Will ban the Weekly feature before the end of this month if nothing happens...

Same here. There's this one Taku joiynt that they keep trying to have me Discover. It's a basic one for someone who likes beat production, my yoga instructor even knew about it. 


Usually a great service but when they throw you the same song again, it's annoying and I can see the robot. 


Plz fix.

I'm having the same problem from time to time even within the same playlist! Today is another such event. I have THREE (count them, THREE.) different versions of Take Me Home Country Roads in the playlist today. I'll list their names and put their artists and albums in brackets for you to see them on Spotify. I don't have time to search for songs anymore and a lot of the ones that I seem to like to search for, are removed from Spotify after a while.


Country Roads (David Hasselhoff, Sings America.)

Country Roads, Live in Las Vegas/2014 (Olivia Newton John, Summer Nights - Live in Las Vegas.)

Take me home, Country Roads (John Denver, The Windstar Greatest Hits.)

spotify doesnt seem to care about it. having lots of repeating songs and most of them pretty annoying. also having bach's songs EVERY week in my release radar since this autumn. no idea why 

any chance we motivate you to care about the problem, spotify folks?

I love the new feature where you can remove and heart songs! it's really the most desired feature I've had for spotify for the past two years! I look forward for compatibility on mobile ❤️



But it still is an issue with about a third or more of the list have been there before. I don't know if it's too much to ask for when I've been activle listening each week to dw fo about two ears, but it would be nice with less duplicates.

I've had a similar experience. I have a single main playlist from which new music goes on a lot. Several times on discovery it's recommended songs already on this playlist, once even have 6 out of the 30 already being songs I've heard.

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