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Discover Weekly offering the same songs every week!

Discover Weekly offering the same songs every week!

**UPDATE - I've emailed with a link to this thread**


Hey Spotify, 


Discover weekly is the one. However, for the past 3 weeks 90% of the songs have been identical to the previous week. 


Can you reset your data on me and we'll go again?

22 Replies

I'm having the same issue on 2 of my accounts.  1-5 songs are giving me the same songs each week and i'm NOT confusing my accounts.  Also my friend is having the same issue as he has 4 songs from 2 weeks ago that were on last week's Discover Weekly and now half of his Discover Weekly this week is from last weeks!  Since I listen to his playlist each week I have confirmed the problem.  We are NOT listening in offline mode or Private Session mode so this is on Spotify's end.  This has happened the last 3-4 weeks especially.

Good to know. 


Spotify - you may have a bug. 


How do we make you see this?

This has been happening to me for weeks! I first started noticing a duplicate here or there months ago, but within the past 2 months it's become more and more frequent. To monitor this and prove I'm not crazy I started screenshotting each week’s DW. I attached two grabs from last week and one from this week. I can only attach 3 files otherwise I'd attach all of May's.

Since May 22nd’s DW playlist there have been 15 songs that have duplicated. 15 songs duplicated across 3 playlists. Out of those 15 duplicate songs, four of them have been on today’s DW, last week’s DW, and the week before’s DW. In other words, four songs have appeared on 3 DW’s consecutively! This is ridiculous. Spotify claims “Your Discover Weekly playlist is 100% brand new every Monday.” But that’s hasn’t been true for a while. I've heard Paul and Linda McCartney's "Ram On" pushing 8 times now!

If Spotify actually cares about maintaining a quality service then they should fix this. I’ll gladly share my screen shots and device info to help with troubleshooting.

DW 5-29 pt 2.PNG
DW 5-29 pt 3.PNG
DW 6-5 pt 2.PNG

Love it. Very thorough.



Same thing has been happening to me for the past ~2 months. This week I'd estimate about 20% of the songs on my DW are repeats from last week.

I realized I can post replies to my reply so I'll do that to get all of my screen shots documented on here. The 3 below are from my Discover Weekly on May 22.

DW 5-22 pt 1.PNG
DW 5-22 pt 2.PNG
DW 5-22 pt 3.PNG

Here is DW from the week of May 29

DW 5-29 pt 1.PNG
DW 5-29 pt 2.PNG
DW 5-29 pt 3.PNG

And finally this week's DW. Who wants to put money down on me getting Nick Cave's More News from Nowhere, next week?

DW 6-5 pt 1.PNG
DW 6-5 pt 2.PNG
DW 6-5 pt 3.PNG

I used to work on a website's customer support team, so when I get a problem, I start documenting. Give them less reasons to ignore us.

I started screenshotting back when duplicates would be just one song, not even from the previous week's playlist, just a song I know I had before. I never expected it would get it to the point of multiple songs and numerous consecutive repeats. Kudos for emailing this thread directly to Spotify!

Same issues here, it's been like this for several weeks now. My lady and our friends are having the same problem too. Some of us stick with Spotify souly on its custom playlists or else why not just pay for Apple Music. It is just so damning because discover weekly has been such a great resource for new tunage for so long and now we are deprived. Please fix soon, today marks another disappointing week of stale sounds.

Nick Cave 🙌

Same here. I and my sister(seperate accounts in family plan) listen the same 10~ songs from previous weeks for 3 weeks at least. Spotify please fix this issue. We ran out of new musics to listen to

There doesn't seem to be any duplicates for me this week, how about everyone else?

Also just to note, I've never used private listening, but I did logout/in and uninstalled/reinstalled, per Spotify's recommendation. Those seem a little flimsy to say that they fixed it, but we'll see if I get any dupes again next week and the week after.

I also don't see duplicates from last week on either of my accounts.  I DIDN'T uninstall or do anything BTW.  However, even though there are no duplicates from last week I do see 1 or 2 songs that I know were on my DW a while back.

Yeah, for me too. I guess it´s fixed...

Yeah, me too. I didn't uninstall or anything. I think they finally fixed it.

Same here.. for months already. And with my girlfriends account as well.


Some songs every week, some songs 2 weeks not and then they're back...

Very annoying!

Agree this issue is back for me again.  Repeats from week to week all the time.  anywhere from 2-5  songs of the 30 are repeats.

Yup, same here 😕

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