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Discover weekly isn't looking for my taste in music

Discover weekly isn't looking for my taste in music

Hi, so for some reason my Discover Weekly is showing songs that have nothing to do with the songs that I listen to, genres that I dislike and sometimes in other langages and I've been using spotify for 6 months. I dont know what could be the issue.

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Hey @Tapyrus!


Welcome to the Community.


1. Have you been streaming recently, and do you regularly listen in a private session?

2. Do you only stream from the DW playlist? (streams from the DW playlist don't count towards your recommendations).

3. Can you try unfollowing your DW, and then heading to Browse > Discover > to follow it again afterwards? Does unfollowing and following again help?


Discover Weekly is based on your listening history. Make sure to stream and save new music you like, and you should get new recommendations next Monday.


Keep us posted.

Well, I,ve been listening to a lot of music lately, from artists thatt I like, not from the DW playlist because of this issue, I never listen to music on a private session and I've already tried unfollowing the playlist and then follow it again 😕

Hi again @Tapyrus,


Thanks for taking that advice and for letting us know what you've done.


We'd encourage to keep offering feedback directly to your Discover Weekly playlist the more you listen, too. You should see both  ❤️ and 🚫 icons next to each song in the playlist.


Hitting ❤️ will show that you like the song (and will automatically save the track to Your Library).


Hitting 🚫 will should give you two options ('I don't like this song' or 'I don't like [the artist]') and this'll gray out the track, skipping to the next in the playlist.


This direct feedback is designed to build your personal algorithm over time. Make sure you persevere with this as well as listening to more of the music you love elsewhere in the app.


You should start seeing and hearing a healthy Discover Weekly in no time 🙂

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