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Displayed name (not username)

Displayed name (not username)


Premium Family account (Owner)




Samsung Galaxy 5

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Linux Mint 8.1

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How do I change my displayed name (not username)?
While Spotify is busy finding out what the difference is between a user name and a password hash, I'm struggeling with my name as it is displayed in Spotify.

I see my own first name in the top of my apps, (fortunately not the mathematical equation Spotify assigned me as username). Probably I entered that quickly when finding out how to activate the account at the time. However I want to change that since I share my first name with a million others, but I can't find out where to change that.
Relevant information might be:
- I'm the "owner" of the family premium account, so it looks that my personal settings are attached to the family account settings(?)
- I'm not using Facebook, so workarounds via Facebook won't work for me.


A related qestion:
Since I have to deal with this this long-hose-encrypted-like username and no Facebook, is there a way for others to find my profile, other then spelling out every single digit to them?

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Hi there, welcome to the Community!


The name you chose during sign-up is your display name. Everyone else who looks at your profile will see the display name that you chose, and they can search your name to find your profile. However, Spotify made the decision to start generating usernames for everyone, and unfortunately there is no way to change your username. You can read more about it here.


The best way to share your profile with others is to copy the profile link and send it to people. You can do this by goign to your profile and right-clicking on your name. From there you can access the 'Share' menu to share your profile link.


Sorry for the inconvenience, and please reply if you need anything else 🙂

Thanks. However I still don't know how to change my displayed name.
I share the one I have now with a few thousand other users, which in practice means that I'm untraceable.


I did a lot of searching about this topic and noticed that people were asking this question (and about this strange username policy) regularly, already 5 years ago. So it doesn't sound like a temporary problem anymore, but as a conscious choice fom Spotify.


On the one hand there's nothing wrong with a policy that discourages social networking if Spotify doesn't like that. (I still enjoy Spotify very much) On the other hand the communication about that is not very clear from Spotify. There is no information from Spotify which explains that, and also when people ask why it is so hard to find eachother, Spotify usually comes back with workaround-like "solutions".


So the message for Spotify here is: either make it possible to find eachother in a decent way and do something about this user unfriendly user name issue, or communicate clear why it is not a good idea to find eachother or changing your username.


Both of the options are fine to me 🙂

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