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Do I have to save every song on an album individualy?

Do I have to save every song on an album individualy?


So I used to be able to just Save an album and all it's songs would appear in my library, but now when I Like an album it only appears on the Albums secction, if I want the songs to appear in my library I have the save each and everyone of them individualy? Is this right? 

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Hi there @Grillos,

thanks for reaching out here !


In order to learn your UI fancuality better, please check out these 3 great articles :

- Spotify's "Your Library" Refresh

- Your Library

- Getting to know the new "Your Library"


Let me know if you were able to find all answers needed there 🙂

Here's the "feedback" that they used to implement the new UI changes:


799 votes, from June 2014.


Note that they didn't even implement the suggested idea in the way it was actually suggested.


Here's feedback on the new UI changes:


5305 votes, from February 2019.


Good luck figuring it out.

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