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Do I need a family plan for only 2 users?

Do I need a family plan for only 2 users?

I have the premium package with Hulu because I’m a student (best idea ever), I would like to add my mom on my account, with having the hassle that we can’t use the account at the same time. I saw the family plan, I’d still have to pay the 15 dollars if it only 2 users?

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Hi Javott!
That's awesome you are enjoying the Hulu/student offer! It is a great bundle. 🙂
Unfortunately though, family and student plans are separate. If you switched to a family plan to include your Mom, you would have to drop the student one since they cannot both be active at the same time.
The family plan requires all members to legally reside at same physical address and does cost a flat $14.99 per month - whether or not it's only for 2 members or the max 6.
Hopefully this helps answer your question! 🙂

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