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Does this not raise any red flags?!!?

Does this not raise any red flags?!!?

My account was hacked about 3 days ago through what seems to be no fault of my own (multiple virus scans and nobody trying to log into my email). Ive recovered my account but all my music was deleted. It was said in the email that my account was reverted to back before the hacking took place but thats not true. So my question is, somebody trying to log in from a different country, uploading a picture, changing the birthdate, deleting all the music, changing email/password not raise any red flags for spotify. I'm pretty irritated because I had well over 500 songs that have all been deleted, and my debit card was on the account.

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Hi @valforus,


I recommend to have a look at this page: Someone has gained access to my account

Edit: "go to your account page and click SIGN OUT EVERYWHERE as an extra security measure."


Delete playlist can be recovered through this page: Recover Playlist

I hope this helps.






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