Don't even have a Profile Name only a bunch of numbers.

Don't even have a Profile Name only a bunch of numbers.




i decided to try Spotify, was refered from a friend. I downloaded the app on Android and tryied to Sign-up. When i entered the email, i got an error saying that the email is already being used. Had no memories of ever signing up to Spotify but anyway...
I went to the Forget - Recover Password and entered my email to "Recover" the account (i never had) and ofcource i got an error saying " There is no account associated to this email adress". Usually at this point i would turn my back and leave and never trying Spotify, but let's give it a second chance.

The only option left for an account creation was Facebook, which i don't use so much, and kinda dispise it.
So, i went ahead and signed up through Facebook, turning off the setting "See my Facebook data etc etc"

So now i have a great big Profile Name which is a bunch of letters and numbers and the only option is to have my Facebook name as a Display Name, which i don't like at all as an option.
So everybody had an option on sign-up to choose a Display-Profile Name, but i didn't? Of course i dont want to create a new account and i don't want to connect to Facebook. 
So give me a solution to that.





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Hey there @Aplyard,

thanks for posting !


Please check out this help article regarding the issue you're having.

Let me know if it provides any sort of help.


Have a great day 😃

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Thank you @OneByBoo for your reply, but i don't think it is helpfull at all.
It talk's about connecting to Facebook which i clearly specify that i don't want to do.


Hey @Aplyard thank you so much for reaching out to the Spotify community,


Unfortunately at this time it is not possible to change an account’s username. The closest you can get is to link your Spotify account to your Facebook profile so that your Facebook display name is the one shown on your account. But seeing how you do not want to do that, there is no other way to change it.

If you are really desperate to change your username, it is possible to create a new account and make sure to typer the username you want.



Jack 🙂

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