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Don’t know my log in details.

Don’t know my log in details.

hi all


i recently got a new phone (iPhone 😎 which transferred my old apps from my old iPhone however logged me out of all of them.


i attempted to log back in however I was logged in on a Spotify account that was either an old example of a standard account or it is my account but it isn’t premium?


i pay for premium monthly via my phone bill (UK) I get a text receipt every month. Is this normal? How can I get my phone to recognise my premium account? 


Best regards, 



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Hi @Guyrussell92,


Your phone should recognise your premium Spotify account. Do you have two separate accounts? Have you tried logging into the Spotify account on the Spotify desktop app and if so, is the Spotify premium service continuing as normal? You may want to enquire with your phone provider in regard to the Spotify premium arrangement. In the meantime, here is a link to a help page in regard to issues logging in:


Best wishes,



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